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10 ways to wear a Moon Hat
Wear the Moon Hat – have fun! The Moon Hat is no ordinary hat.  The Moon Hat keeps your head
Feel the Earth spin
Many people ask “Why can’t I feel the Earth spinning?” Or “Why don’t we feel the rotation of the Earth?” 
How can I see Venus?
You can see Venus in the sky at two times and locations: in the early evening, shortly after sunset in
How many stars are in the sky? A Quiz
Have you ever looked up and wondered how many stars are in the sky? It’s a simple question with a
Track the Sun
So you want to track the Sun? You don’t need to build your own Stonehenge. You can track the Sun’s
Moon Phases Names – an easy way to remember
The 8 Moon Phases Names Here are the “official” 8 Moon Phases in order: New – the new moon is
8 Ways to Find the North Star
Find the North Star You can use these 8 ways to find the North Star (Polaris). But, first, here is
Where is the Sun?
Where is the Sun right now? Can’t see the Sun? Maybe there is something blocking it. Here is a list
Lights All Askew in the Heavens … But Nobody Need Worry
Lights all askew in the heavens… This hilariously-headlined New York Times article describes the results of the observational experiment performed