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On April 20th (4/20) at midnight Earth's horizon (in northern latitudes) lines up perfectly with the plane of the entire
Earth Map in the Sky - Landforms as Constellations Learn how to see the map of Earth in the starry
Sporades definition Webster's 1913 Edition has this funny little entry that defines sporades: ||Spor"a*des, noun plural. [L., fr. Gr. spora`des. Cf. Sporadic.] (Astron.) Stars not included
The 8 Moon Phases Names Here are the "official" 8 Moon Phases in order: New - the new moon is
I want to share this amazing object with you. It's a skeleton key to the sky. It's a poster. It's
The Sun is the Size of your Eyeball You are the center of the universe. Well, at least you are
Wear the Moon Hat - have fun! The Moon Hat is no ordinary hat.  The Moon Hat keeps your head
Many people ask "Why can't I feel the Earth spinning?" Or "Why don't we feel the rotation of the Earth?" 
You can see Venus in the sky at two times and locations: in the early evening, shortly after sunset in