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Learn how we all get carried around by the Earth and orient yourself to the Moon, the Sun, the solar system and the Galaxy. You have never learned astronomy like this before.

Quality reading for adults; good for kids astronomy too.

Groundhog Day Shadow Tracker
Physical Astronomy Tool by Daniel Cummings It’s Groundhog Day! What better way to celebrate Groundhog Day than to Build your
A new star will appear in the sky in 2022
An amazing thing is about to happen! A Star in a Star will be born. You  can witness the birth of
Sidereal time is weird
When does a cycle complete? It all depends on your frame of reference.
The Moon Dance – Learn Moon Phases
PHYSICAL ASTRONOMY BY DANIEL CUMMINGS Learn the Moon phases by doing an easy dance. At sunset. Face the sun. Point
Stellarium – a Gift to Humanity
Hello! Find out more about Stellarium in this tutorial that introduces several of the cool and clever things this astronomy
What Looks Like Sunset
Is what looks like sunset really the sun – “setting”? What is that thing that happens every day that makes
A Mouse in Moonlight – Illustrations in Goodnight Moon
A Child’s Book As a dad, I treasure a well-crafted, uplifting gem of a book like Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise
The Moon Moves Toward the Dawn – a Mnemonic
Memorize this mnemonic: The moon moves toward the dawn. This phrase describes the day-by-day movement of the moon. With this simple
Hello world! Welcome to Physical Astronomy.
Welcome to Star in a Star! There are many ways to learn about Astronomy and the sky. Some people learn