Japanese robot will land on the asteroid Ryugu

The Hayabusa2 spacecraft visits the Ryugu asteroid

Update! June 24, 2018 – Haybusa2 has reached Ryuga. See this EarthSky.org article for more information.

I just received this wonderful message from a group of students in Japan (thanks to Patricia McGahan for providing the connection!) who are learning and teaching about the Japanese Hayabusa2 mission to the Ryugu asteroid.

(Welcome to Japanese language visitors and link to Japanese Wikipedia page.)



Sugo-Haya2 Hayabusa2 JAXA mission English language version of the board game

These Japanese high school students created a board game (in Japanese and English) to teach people about an amazing Japanese spacecraft called Hayabusa2.

In June 2018, this Japanese spacecraft will meet up with the asteroid Ryugu, circle it for 18 months, then return to Earth with samples. In addition to observational instruments, the spacecraft has a small explosive material that will drop onto the asteroid! Talk about explosive science!

Explore the TTHS outreach website

The students would like you to explore their website and download the game which takes you through the stages of the mission.  The details and links are below.


Hello, Mr. Cummings,

We are Science Club members of TTHS in Japan, the ‘Global Challengers’ Ms. McGahan teached.

From Science Club of Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology(TTHS), let us introduce a hands-on-activity about Astronomy and Space technology we created.

εεε====== ■-OO-■

Project Sugo-Haya2

Let’s Experience the Round-trip Voyage to the Asteroid Ryugu
by the Japanese Explorer Hayabusa2
with a Traditional Board Game 双六 Sugo-Roku.

■-OO-■ ======333

We made it so the players can feel the mission of the asteroid explorer which works in a far away space that we even cannot see as well as everyone can enjoy regardless of the age. The game is suitable for two to five players.

This June, Japanese asteroid explorer Hayabusa2 will arrive at the asteroid Ryugu at last.
Would you like to experience the Hayabusa2’s mission while playing a fun Japanese traditional board game “Sugo-Roku?”

You can download everything you need to play the game from the link above.

We had McGahan-sensei tell us your wonderful website.
We would appreciate it if you could introduce this game in your website.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Project Sugo-Haya2
produced by Science Club of Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology (TTHS)
Tokyo, JAPAN